Sample Russian Business Directory

This sample of a Russian business directory is taken from the 1914 Fabrichniy Bielostok, or Industrial Bialystok. The directory contains listings of many other types of businesses as well, including this list of "tooth doctors and dentists." (Many business directories also included lists of some professionals, especially doctors, dentists, pharmacists, etc.)  The list is particularly Jewish; the names include Markus Volfovich Abramskiy, Fanni Borisovna Berenzon, Mariya Lazarevna Bernshtein, Efim Faivelevich Goldberg, Sofya Isaakovna Grinberg, Moisei Simchovich Davidovskiy, Abram Savelevich Iosem, Sofya Lvovna Iosem, Ber Ioselevich Nats, Rachil Movshovna Licht, Lev Yakovlevich Makovskiy, and Berta Ovceevna Mankovskaya. All but the last two are almost certainly Jewish.

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